1. Friday, December 16, 2011

    Christmas 2011

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. i really tried to keep things very simple and rustic this year, hence the burlap and greens everywhere! now i’m on to wrapping presents and baking galore!

    happy friday and Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Weekend Finds

    over the last month, i’ve been hunting on the weekends. you see, it’s my most favorite thing to do EVER. it’s become quite an addiction of sorts :) i went to a couple new antique stores with my mom and cousin and another time with another cousin and sis-in-law. we had SO MUCH fun! i made them promise me we’d go every month. sure beats going alone.

    one of the places was outside and so gross… i’ll spare the pics. you may begin to wonder about me. :) why is it that the dirtiest places always seem to have to best “junk” ?! 

    i found these awesome map prints for $2.00. can’t beat that. i’m gong to frame them for my hub’s office in the attic. can’t wait to finish decorating his space- i think it’s the best room in the house.

    love those muted colors…

    i also found this insane old clock, i think it was only $1.00. it doesn’t work and yeah, it’s pretty beat up. but i like it anyway. sorry for the blurry pics…

    oh, and i also found my wreath at the dirty place. (totally calling it that from now on!) it was only $5.00!

    at one of my favorite antique stops, i found this turkey platter. i’ve wanted one forever and snatched it up as soon as i saw the colors. so sad i won’t get to use it this year.

    i’ve somehow managed to collect more pictures. i don’t know where to hang them yet, but couldn’t resist just for the frames alone.

    i have a thing for horses. aren’t they lovely…

    well, that’s it for now. happy tuesday!

  3. Thursday, October 13, 2011

    it officially feels like fall!

    it all started here. i came home with over 20 different pumpkins and gourds. nothing like a good variety of shapes and colors…

    i found this berry wreath at an antique store for $5.00. i originally wanted a bittersweet wreath like this, but couldn’t find any local. the colors are perfect.

    can’t beat the deep purple color of ornamental cabbage. this year was a first for my flower bed and it most definitely won’t be the last!

    my sage is in full bloom, can’t wait to start cooking with it…

    the sweet potato vine in the shed’s flower boxes needed more color. a single pumpkin did the trick!

    i’m planning on covering this little bench in the vestibule, but in the meantime i love how the gourds pop against the black.

    most of our house is still in shambles, but thankfully i’ve been able to add a few touches of fall here and there. hope you’re enjoying your fall everyone!

  4. Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    i posted this pic yesterday on facebook and figured since i’m desperately short on blog posts lately, i’d share it here too.
these are the last of my endless summer hydrangeas looking more lovely than ever. i love the multi-tones mixed with the tiny white pumpkins. makes me happy :)

    i posted this pic yesterday on facebook and figured since i’m desperately short on blog posts lately, i’d share it here too.

    these are the last of my endless summer hydrangeas looking more lovely than ever. i love the multi-tones mixed with the tiny white pumpkins. makes me happy :)

  5. Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    A Before, During and After: The Entryway

    it’s about time i got a few house updates here on this ol’ blog, wouldn’t ya say? it’s hard to believe we’ve been here a year already.

    speaking of house updates…in case you were wondering, our kitchen project was put on hold (it never started), but more on that later.

    i’ve had a few requests from some of you to see more of our house and i’m sorry it’s taken so long. hopefully you didn’t give up on me. i thought i’d start out small and share our little entryway…

    ok, so the pics above are what the entry looked like right before we bought the house. there’s actually a little tiny vestibule you come through first, but i’ll save that for it’s own post another day. we ripped out all of the carpeting in the entire house before we moved in and had the original pine floors refinished. and when i say “we”, of course i don’t mean me and the hubs. we saved that job for the professionals. they know what they’re doing. if you’d like, you can read a little more over at my old blog. here’s a few pics of the exposed wood and the freshly sanded floors. Mmm. i just love fresh sanded wood.

    as for paint colors, we I had a different idea than what we ended up with, but it’s hard to get the yellows right. and of course, now i wouldn’t even choose butter yellow, but it’s just paint. i lost a little sleep over it though. don’t judge, yellows are tricky! my brother stephen, also professional painter, was patient with me. he has no other choice, ha. here is his prepped work space…

    back in may, if you recall, we added a new light. it’s a little different, but we then again we’re different. we love it.

    and finally.. here is our entry an entire year later. it’s simple and we’re happy. i love the sunlight that pours through here in the afternoon (hence the blown out pics). anyway…

    the antique cherry desk was passed down and for now it’s working great and super functional. i love the glass knobs. eventually though, i’d love a low console table for this space. the rug was the first thing we purchased. all of the mirrors and artwork are vintage and found at flea markets or goodwill for next to nothing, except the fern prints. the little black windsor chair is my new favorite piece…found at the re-uzit shop. 

    i hope you enjoyed this little tour. thanks for looking :)

  6. Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Fern Prints On Black

    i had been eyeing up these gorgeous black fern prints for months and couldn’t seem to get them out of my mind. too bad they’ll set you back a steep $385!

    here they are in the home of designer suzanne mcgrath of good bones, great pieces. isn’t her home lovely? it was featured in the september issue of good housekeeping.

    a few weeks ago i came across the same exact prints on ebay for just $12. only two though, not the entire set. i’m sure they aren’t the same high quality as the originals and are a bit smaller, but who cares. good enough for me. i wanted to tie in some black and green to match the lantern and rug…not that i want everything matchy matchy. anyway, i think it’s coming together now. finally. now we need to find a deal on some frames.

  7. Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    around here…

  8. Tuesday, September 28, 2010


    this fall we thought would be an appropriate time to give our house a tiny little makeover. we want to update the pair of hanging lanterns at our front door and add some new house numbers. in case you’re new around here, this is what our house looked like back in november when we bought it. since then we’ve removed the wood plaque (we’ll get different one eventually) and added some new shrubs. some day maybe a wood door.

    here are some lanterns i found that i like. we are trying to stick with english cottage/tudor style, but not spend a fortune. the house was built in 1916. i searched for tudor and this is what came up…

    ideally, we’d like to hang only one in the center over the door, but tall people might bump their heads. or mount a pair on the sides of the door? black or brown? i can’t figure out what will look best. any designers out there or anyone please feel free to unleash your thoughts!

    via csnlighting and rejuvenation

  9. Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Botanical Art

    the botanical pictures are finally framed and hung in our dining room. i’ve always loved vintage botanical prints and really wanted to do a grouping like this somewhere in our house.

    this was a very easy and inexpensive project to do, which i’m all for. i found an old wildflower book for less than $10. i tried to find one in the worst condition so i didn’t feel as bad tearing out the pages. the plates just so happened to be about 8x10 which made finding frames pretty easy. i used cheapy $2 wood frames from the craft store and then spray painted them green to match the leaves.

    it’s very nice having a designer husband around when it comes time for measuring and being so precise. he did all the work as i sat back drinking coffee and occasionally helped to hold something. he started with a grid, then measured and re-measured and made the tiniest pencil marks. i would of eye balled it and cried about it later!